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Adress:   Mestský úrad Zlaté Moravce
                1.Mája 2
                95301 Zlaté Moravce

Phone: +421 37 6923925


GPS: 48 degrees 23´N. , 18 degrees 24´L

Office hours:

Monday          7.30 - 11:15  12:00 - 15.00 
Tuesday          7.30 - 11:15  12:00 - 15.00 
Wednesday    7.30 - 11:15  12:00 - 16.00
Thursday        7.30 - 11:15
Friday             7.30 - 11:15  12:00 - 14.00

Basic information: 

It is the capital and the biggest town of Zlaté Moravce District. It is approximately 120 km from the Slovak capital Bratislava and 32 km from Nitra. The town is known for the production of kitchen technologies and building materials - bricks.
The first written mentions of the town are from 12th century A.D. (1113 Morowa, 1284 Marouth). "Moravce" [pronounced app. Moravtseh], a word in plural, was a frequent settlement name in Slovakia and means "settlement of (the tribe) Moravians". The attribute "zlaté", meaning "golden", was added only later in order to distinguish the settlement's name from all the other "Moravce"s. Ottomans plundered the city in 1530 and 1573.
Rivers (Žitava, Zlatnanka) in the surrounding areas were known in the past for gold washing. Note the name of the second river. In the Slavic languages Zlato means gold.


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